Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank You Pearl Jam

Thank you to my dear friend Andrew Menan for starting this.......

Top 20 Reason's Pearl Jam has influenced my life

20. Listening to Ten for the first time....think I heard Jeremy on Q102
19. Spent my high school years listening to crappy pop band but always coming back to PJ for good music
18. Purchasing No Code at Chester County Music Company (probably with money I earned "working" at Ice Line)
17. Listening to PJ while working at Ice Line....Cliff didn't approve
16. Spent the entire summer listening to No Code, having endless discussions with Andrew about No Code while in Avalon "dating" Chris Mavromates
15. Falling in love with "In my tree" therefore listening to it over and over and over again
14. Going to see PJ with Andrew and my brother and YES i was screaming how hot Eddie was and still is
13. Finally getting our mothers (Judy & Laurie) to attend a concert that wasn't from a 1970's band.....we were so cool and I totally forgot about Peter R. interview :)
12. Being in FL somewhere with my mom and matt and going into a record store and buying 3 live versions of PJ-They all rocked!
11. 2000-Going to Pittsburgh and finding that 2 of my 7 roommates had a love for PJ like me!
10. Saw PJ in Pittsburgh after only being at for 5 days
9. Eddie stopping the show to allow a woman with a sign "WASH" to come on stage. She had been to over a dozen shows with the sign
He brought her on stage and played it to her-I wished to be that person
8. Listening to RVM while running a half marathon
7. Hours spent listening to PJ instead of doing HW
6. Joining the 10 Club
5. Connecting to "Just Breathe"
4. Going to see PJ with my brother on his birthday while the Phillies were in the world series
3. The wonderful moments in life that I can directly connect to PJ's music
2. The feeling I get with I listen to their music
1. All the memories I have created not only because of the music and the band but because I cherish the people who have helped shaped those memories.

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