Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Am Ready

In one week from today I will be an official college graduate. I never though the day would come nor did I think I would be ready. Am I ready? I can't decide. A large part of me is ready to indulge in finding a job. The other part of me is scared, sad and not ready. My life has not exactly taken the path of least resistance. But am I really ready for the challenge of rejections, constant waitress or worse never finding a job that I love? I am frighten of never finding a job or finding a job that ultimately makes me unhappy. Everyone faces those risks, but I am just not sure that I am up to the challenge. However, I will persevere because that's what I do. I can equate this challenge to running. Exercising and running in particular is very important to me, I look at finding a job like finishing a run. At various times during my runs I might be feeling on top of the world (like I can run another five miles) and others like the end of the world is coming (like going uphill into the wind while a boring song plays), in the end I finish. I am finishing college and will find a job. I might not like the first one or even the second but I am determined to find one that makes me happy at the end of the day.

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