Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been awhile

Happy New Year! I have been quite the slacker of this blog. I apologize. A few things have changed for me in the new year. I have committed myself to being a vegan. It was something that I have been battling with for awhile (only in my head). I have been a vegetarian for almost 12 years! A part of me has felt like a faker for still eating eggs and dairy. After viewing this movie it changed a huge part of me. I decided to take my love of healthy food to another level. The worst that could happen was that I didn't like it. Fortunately, I LOVE it! Being a vegan is difficult but I take time to cook healthy, delicious meals for my family. I try to not be judgmental about others food choices. I also try to not push my beliefs about food and health on others.
The second thing that has happened in the new year is I am getting certified to teach Pilates! This is more exciting to me than anything else. I have been in love with Pilates for 6 years. It has been a practice that has challenged me, slimmed me and made me feel better about myself. I can say that I truly enjoy Pilates, it is a challenging exercise that requires you to think about each movement you make, it challenges you to push yourself to be longer and stronger. Can you tell that I am an advocate? I am passionate about exercising, it has been something that has been constant when everything else wasn't. I have put exercising before many things and although some might view that as obsessive, I believe that my health is important and therefore is something I make sacrifices for in order to achieve my goals.
Overall, 2012 has been gratifying and terrifying (still no full-time job) but I am enjoying this time in my life. Never again will my life be in this state. I am thankful for everyday and every challenge. Most of all I am thankful for a new year.